Why do you Need a Business Text Messaging Service? & Business Text Messaging Work

Customers respond much more favorably to text marketing campaigns than do email marketing campaigns. Because there are only so many characters in a text, you need to get to the point Business Text Messaging Service. Texting feels more personal and direct than email. Texting feels more personal and immediate than email. According to EZ Texting’s 2019 Mobile Usage Report, 97% of text messages are opened in under three minutes. Only four out of five emails are ever opened. The best text messaging platforms are easy to use and integrate easily with your other marketing programs. We evaluated ease-of-use, cost, features, and integration options to determine the best text messaging marketing platforms.

Does your business have its bases covered when it comes to text messaging? Sure, phone, email, and even video are usually the go-to channels for sales and marketing. But the importance of business texting can’t be overstated–especially for small businesses. Think about it. Customers and colleagues are always on the move. RingCentral has witnessed firsthand the rise of mobile communication for businesses of all sizes. You need reliable text messaging services for businesses. It might be challenging to do business via text due to the limited character limit and the lack of face-to-face interaction.

SMS marketing allows businesses and organizations to send messages to their customers via text. It is an easy and powerful way for people to communicate with you. SMS and text marketing have many benefits. Sending a text message to your subscribers stating that “BOGO only today in-store!” is SMS marketing; it’s sending a text message. That’s SMS marketing. Primarily, SMS Marketing is a way to communicate offers and other information with customers who have allowed you to send them text messages. That’s the key: getting permission to send messages.

You’re likely to have heard of SMS Short Message Service marketing if you are a marketer or a company owner. Text marketing, also known as “text marketing,” is a popular communication strategy. It has a highly receptive audience, unmatched open rate, and promotions that work because customers and prospects get it on their mobile devices. More than 95% of all SMS messages are read and opened. This communication channel is an integral part of every phone’s operating system. SMS is preinstalled as a default function. Your customers look at their phones when they get up in the morning. This is a captive audience. Perhaps you are just beginning to understand SMS or figuring out how to integrate it with your current software.

For years, people have used their smartphones more than their computers. And texting and messaging are two of the most popular activities on smartphones. Businesses would be remiss to ignore a channel where most (if not all) of their customers are already communicating. They know this. There are many texting services available for businesses. So much so that choosing the right solution can feel overwhelming. Fortunately for you, we created this page to cover everything you need to know to properly research and find the best business texting app for your organization.Maybe you are trying to incorporate SMS marketing into your existing campaigns or improve your overall mobile marketing strategy. 


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