Ties to Your Home Country and Residence Abroad

Under hong kong law, individuals who apply for nonimmigrant visas, for example, F-1 or J-1 understudy visas, are seen as “planning settlers” (who need to live for all time in the hong kong) until they can persuade the consular official that they are definitely not. You should, accordingly, have the option to show that you have explanations behind getting back to your “home abroad” (as a rule in your nation of origin) that are more grounded than purposes behind excess in the US and that you plan to withdraw the US at the finish of your examinations.

“Ties” to your nation of origin are the things that associate you to your old neighborhood, country, or current spot of home: work, family, possessing a house or loft, monetary possibilities that you own or will acquire, speculations, and so on In the event that you are a planned understudy, the talking official may get some information about your particular plans or guarantee of future work, family or different connections, instructive goals, grades, long-range plans and vocation possibilities in your nation of origin employment visa hong kong

Every individual’s circumstance is unique, obviously, and there is no sorcery clarification or single report, declaration, or letter which can ensure visa issuance. In the event that you have applied for the U.S. Variety (green card) Lottery, you might be inquired as to whether you expect to move. In the event that you applied for the Variety Visa Lottery yet don’t plan to move, be set up to explain that, for example, by clarifying that you applied for the lottery since it was accessible yet not with a particular aim to move.

The meeting will by and large be directed in English and not in your local language. One idea is to rehearse English discussion with a local speaker before the meeting, however don’t plan addresses! Hope to have an intelligent discussion with the consular official about your arrangements for concentrating in the US and past, your objectives, and your connections to your nation of origin. In the event that you are going to the US to examine concentrated English, be set up to clarify how English will be valuable for you in your nation of origin.

The consular official needs to talk with you, not your family, and a more certain impression is made on the off chance that you are set up to talk all alone. Albeit for the most part guardians or relatives won’t go with a candidate into to the visa meet, on the off chance that you are a minor and need your folks to be there on the off chance that there are questions (for instance about subsidizing/accounts), they should check with the department about the office’s holding up territory and any exceptional standards or methodology for non-candidate relatives to go with a visa candidate.

On the off chance that you can’t clarify the reasons why you will concentrate in a specific program in the US, you may not prevail with regards to persuading the consular official that you are for sure intending to examine, as opposed to work or remain in the US. You ought to likewise have the option to clarify how concentrating in the US identifies with your vocation objectives and business possibilities when you get back. On the off chance that you will be an alumni understudy in the US and have an exploration center, be set up to discuss your examination plans. Consular authorities may need a letter from your directing teacher or employee that clarifies your planned exploration objectives.

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